We are the Australian Agents for Sublift.

SUBLIFT is a unique patented construction that enables fast, safe and cost effective handling of boats and yachts, including launching in and out of water as well as land transportation and storage. The Sublift is easily wireless remote controlled by a single person.


Sailboats, as well as powerboats, are moved with ease in and out of the water. Unloading is equally easy on regular supports or in cradles on land. The speed regulation is very smooth all the way from crawl speed (fraction of a meter/minute) to quick walking speed. SUBLIFT is really unique in its ability to move in tight spaces with total control, accuracy and safeness. Thanks to the adjustable width of the frame and extensive lift hight you could even load a boat directly on a lorry.

First question when someone sees a SUBLIFT in action for first time is usually: -How can you be sure its absolutely watertight around the engine box? The answer is as simple as the solution: -Its not tight at all!

The fact is that the bottom of the engine box and the electronic control box is fully open! The simple solution is to make a fully covering top that acts as a dive chamber, thus keeping the water out by simple air pressure. Simple but brilliant!

Sublift is a total solution for boat and yacht handling. It replaces cranes, tractors and trailers, thus making it a very efficient and cost effective solution. As manufacturer of the SUBLIFT we can be a part of the entire process, all the way from guidance of the ramp design to user education on site and service/maintenance plans.

Contact Lee or Corey to arange a demo and discuss your needs.

Last Updated ( Thursday, 27 November 2014 )